What is ActivateNM?

Activate New Mexico (ActivateNM) helps small business and startup founders build valuable businesses that are going to disrupt a particular market through big visions and innovative, transformative ideas. We also believe that entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed when they are surrounded by a community of support. ActivateNM is committed to nurturing New Mexico’s entrepreneurial community and thus, promoting prosperity in our state.

We offer workshops to share knowledge and tools needed to help small business and startup founders succeed in reaching their goals of growth and transformation.

Our community of mentors and business coaches are available to help provide one-on-one consultation on a weekly basis. We have a wide variety of specialties in the mentor network that are willing to provide years of experience to small business and startup founders because they believe in supporting the entrepreneurial community in New Mexico.


Mentor working with ActivateNM Cohort

We run cohorts throughout the year, first onboarding new participants through the Accelerator Program, then moving them into a community of mentors and founders to help fine-tune their position in the market and the business case. Currently, we are focused on technology-based startups with an emphasis on software and industry 4.0.

Our Values

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About CNM Ingenuity

CNM Ingenuity supports a new approach to education that provides accelerated educational and training opportunities in key workforce areas, wrap-around support for aspiring entrepreneurs, and cooperative ventures that foster economic development and job creation in the region. Since being established as a 501(c)3 in 2014 under the New Mexico Research Park Act, CNM Ingenuity has made tremendous progress on behalf of Central New Mexico Community College and the local economy.

Our Founding Partners

WESST and ABQid came together in 2018 to provide support to up-and-coming companies. Without the structural support of WESST, this program could not have grown as it has. WESST provides business services to entrepreneurs who are making a difference in New Mexico, and we are privileged to be part of the same shared network.

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