Office Hours for Startups and Small Businesses

Connect with business mentors and community resources to move your startup venture forward in New Mexico.

What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are a facilitated regular gathering of the growing ActivateNM community of entrepreneurs and mentors who get together to talk about pressing business questions their ventures are facing. Business mentors and resource providers will be available to meet with startup founders on a variety of topics including but are not limited to raising venture capital, customer discovery, sales, marketing, financing options, technical support, and finding team members.

Who is this for?

Office Hours are designed for startups and small businesses building scalable ventures in New Mexico. We have mentors and member companies that make up the bulk of the audience but we are joined by subject matter experts and startup founders from around the world interested in getting involved with our active startup network in New Mexico.

How to sign up?

See our events calendar for upcoming dates and to RSVP or sign up for membership.

What to expect:

  • These are virtual meetings, please use best practices for video calls.
  • Mentors will be divided into rooms where startups can meet with them about their subject matter expertise.
  • There are additional breakout rooms for private 1:1 conversation. This is great if you have been meaning to catch up with a peer or a mentor.

General Schedule and Event Flow:

  • 30 Mins – Member Highlight or Sponsor
  • 20 Mins – Mentor Introductions, Identifying Discussion Room Topics
  • 60 Mins – Breakout Rooms
  • 10 Mins – Closing Reflection

How to prepare:

  • Identify your top needs and questions for the week. Write them down so you are more prepared to discuss and receive the best feedback.
  • Be ready to talk about your business in public to others. This means having an elevator pitch ready. It might even help to have an executive summary or pitch deck ready to share with mentors.
  • Come ready to receive honest advice from seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors about your business. This means practice active listening and note taking upon receiving feedback or questioning.
  • Make sure your video camera and microphone are working correctly
  • Make sure you are updated to at latest version of Zoom

When is the next one?

See our events calendar for upcoming dates and to RSVP.