ActivateNM Programs

Our programs, workshops and business sprints are focused on developing and enhancing specific skills that will accelerator your professional acumen and startup business.

ActivateNM Workshops

ActivateNM Startup Skills Workshops and Business Sprints teach you how to be a better entrepreneur and improve your chances of success. See what’s coming on our Events Page.

Topics include:
•Lean Startup Methodology
•Customer Discovery & Development
•Startup Team & Co-Founder Agreements
•Customer Acquisition & Marketing
•Corporate & Legal
•Financial Modeling
•Fundraising & Investment
•Pitching & Presentation
•Sales & Marketing
•Intellectual Property


Our Pre-Accelerator takes you through the LeanStack Methodology, one of the most robust methods to vet your ideas, identify customers, and find a working business model while avoiding the most common startup mistakes that will burn your time and resources

Focused Training Programs

There are many focused training programs offered by many resources across New Mexico. Just a few of these are listed below. Ask about financial assistance for you or your business.

Digital Marketing


This program includes the skills your business needs to market in today’s economy. This exciting, fast-paced Digital Marketing program is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The modules of the program are offered in an online format at your own pace.

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Etsy for Makers

Many makers find themselves needing to transition to new models to reach their market in the pandemic. This 5-part course will cover the hurdles and pitfalls of creating an Etsy shop, as well as ways to optimize your business. Capture online sales by getting your business on Etsy!

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