Welcome Michelle Albro to our ActivateNM team!

Here’s Michelle in her own words:

I am truly honored to be a part of the CNM Ingenuity ActivateNM team. As I learn more and more about CNM Ingenuity and ActivateNM, I am energized by the team’s passion of mentoring and supporting the Albuquerque community’s small business and startups.  ActivateNM is delivering amazing programs that bridge founders to experienced mentors, interested investors, and valuable knowledge and skills, elevating their businesses and, in turn, supporting local economic development.

To share a little about Michelle: for the past ~3.5 years she oversaw the Career & Professional Development programs at UNM’s Anderson School of Management. Prior to that she was a UNM business manager for several years. She also worked for Xerox Corporation for around 15 years, with 10+ years in management. 

Michelle has a master’s degree in Adult Education and Professional Development and a Bachelors in Business Management.

While at Anderson she worked alongside Stacy Sacco and Anderson’s Small Business Institute; she’s looking forward to being fully engaged in the tech start-up and small business scene. 

She’s looking forward to meeting members of the community around ActivateNM and learning more as we work on growing and enhancing ActivateNM and CNM Ingenuity’s Small Business and Startup programs.