How ActivateNM Works

ActivateNM will help you build your business, whether you’re a potential entrepreneur or a business owner. Most resources from ActivateNM are free thanks to our generous sponsors. 

Learn about how ActivateNM works below or Contact Us to start the process.

Step 1: Contact Us and Begin Your Journey

Contact ActivateNM to start your journey. 

Once you begin, you’ll have access to:

Once you’ve successfully completed the Leanstack curriculum and mentorship intake form, you’ll be ready to Validate Your Business Plan.

Step 2: Validate Your Business Plan

Validate your business plan with expert coaching, peer review, and potential customers. 

This step gives you additional access to:

  • all previous benefits
  • Idea Coaching
    Coaching sessions with an expert to help validate your early idea and start on a solid foundation
  • Startup Tools
    Over $1 Million in perks and discounts to resources like Law 4 Small Business, Hubspot, IBM Cloud, Dropbox, and more
  • Wellness 
    Discounts on counseling and mental health resources for entrepreneurs

Once your business plan has been validated and an executive summary has been completed, you’re ready to Build Your Business and Thrive.

Step 3: Build Your Business and Thrive

Once your business plan is validated you are ready for the tools to build your business.

This step will grant you:

  • all previous benefits
  • One-on-one Mentorship
    1 to 3 expert mentors diving deep into your business to guide you along your way to success
  • Mentorship Meetups
    Collaborate in our network of mentors and fellow entrepreneurs
  • Investor Roundtables
    When you’re ready for investors, practice your pitch for serious feedback from our mentors before pitching to investors
The program is now complete! You have successfully utilized all of ActivateNM’s offerings to build your business. 

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