Legal Services

Every business needs legal counsel but it can be an expensive barrier for many young companies.

Following your completion of the Lean Canvas, you will have access to discounted legal counsel through our partnership with Law for Small Business.

Product, Media, and Space Services

Access the services of CNM Ingenuity to take your company to the next level. Build Members enjoy $1000 per year for services or resources from CNM Ingenuity.

  • Build it yourself or with help from a technician at FUSE Makerspace with 3D Printing, laser cutting & engraving, vinyl printing, wood shop, metal shop, and more.
  • Have it built for you at Technology Solutions Labs. Software, hardware, AR, VR, CGI, animation, Internet of things, cloud dashboards, and more. Ask if we can make it!
  • Need space? CNM Space Solutions offers offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, auditoriums, green room, recording booth, and more.
  • For media production, rent a green room, recording booth, soundstage, and props from CNMI Props and Film.
Space Solutions at WTC

Startup Tools From Morrow’s Global Accelerator Network

$1 Million of free credits and savings for powerful startup tools. 

Perks are available to “Activaters” who have completed their Lean Canvas and are actively working with our coaches.

Perks Include

  • $150,000 for Microsoft for Startups
  • $120,000 for IBM Cloud
  • $100,000 for Google Cloud for Startups
  • $50,000 for Mixpanel
  • $50,000 for Segment
  • $20,000 for Panther
  • $17,000 for Hubspot
  • $12,000 for
  • $10,000 for Solidworks
  • $7,500 for Github
  • $7,500 for Plaid
  • $5,000 for Dropbox for Startups
  • $5,000 for AirCFO
  • $5,000 for Amazon Web Services
  • $1,500 for
  • $1,500 for Salesforce Essentials

The list is always changing. Contact us for the latest list and perk details.


Wellness Resources

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Taking care of yourself and your family first means you can then be present for your company.

  • Confidential Counseling Services – one free session then ongoing subsidized counseling from counselors trained to help entrepreneurs.
  • For parents who are also entrepreneurs, 6 free months to maro companion.
  • Nutrition solutions from Suggestic
  • Am Mindfulness app 50% discount
  • Autumn prevents employee burnout and turnover by improving employee mental health. Free for organizations under 50 employees.

Wellness Resources are available to “Activaters” who have completed their Lean Canvas and are actively working with our coaches.

Funding Opportunities

Grow Your Small Business Fund

Tuition assistance available for New Mexico residents interested in growing their small businesses. The tuition assistance can be used for a variety of trainings or monthly memberships for ActivateNM or FUSE Makerspace

Learn More About Grow Your Small Business Fund

Ingenuity Venture Fund

A diversified portfolio venture fund.

Learn More the Ingenuity Venture Fund

Pitch Competitions

We bring promising startups together with active investors to help entrepreneurs take bold steps and grow successful New Mexico companies. Pitch your company to guests and investors and compete for prizes.

Learn About Ski Lift Pitch

Learn About Adventure Pitch


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