The best guidance is found through connections

How will you start and grow your business? Get guidance from other entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts, startup coaches, and experienced mentors. We designed our Guidance Services to match your business stage and encourage life-enhancing connections. Start here and prepare to grow!


Getting Started

How do you turn your idea into a business? Our Certified LeanStack Coaches will guide you through Lean Startup fundamentals – a principled method to efficiently minimize uncertainty and discover your idea’s path to success.

Everyone can get access to our LeanStack platform and 30 minutes of free consultation with a LeanStack Coach. Idea and Build Members get ongoing LeanStack Coaching.

Drop-in Mentoring

Need business advice? Our experienced mentors are ready to help you tackle your latest problem. Drop in for expert advice in strategy, finance, fundraising, pitching, sales, marketing, talent, and more. Perfect for any entrepreneur from idea to scale. Open to everyone.



Our Workshops feature a “learn by doing” approach where you will immediately apply the workshop lessons to your business. Prepare for hands-on, interactive, and engaging workshops guided by our experts. Our workshops are structured to give you the strategy, tactics, and actions for your business. Workshops cover many startup topics offered by us or one of our partners such as legal, intellectual property, marketing, strategy, pitching, customer discovery, product development, and more.

Investor Roundtables

Investor Roundtables are 30 minutes of intense guidance on one of your problems from six to eight investors from the New Mexico Angels and other partners. They are targeted at high-growth startups that may seek investment seed capital in the future and are an opportunity to socialize your business with investors, seek their guidance, and demonstrate your entrepreneurial potential. Open to ActivateNM Members and Non-members but entrepreneurs must apply to present.



A Mentor’s hindsight can be your foresight. They have been where you are. Leverage a Mentor’s vast experience to hone your skills, guide your path, amplify your strengths, and counter your faults.

How Mentorship Works

Qualified entrepreneurs are matched with one to three mentors who provide advice and critical experience to your company. You will meet regularly for intense reviews of your business such as your strategy, plans, and progress as you discover your customer, validate your hypotheses, develop your product, and grow your business.

Getting the Most from Mentorship

Our Mentors are volunteers who donate their valuable time because they believe supporting the next generation of great business leaders is the key to a vibrant economy. Be a good mentee by preparing for meetings, listening attentively, and building trust.

How to Sign Up for Mentorship

To prepare and qualify for mentorship, contact us to schedule an evaluation and onboarding.

Mentorship is available to our Build Members. Contact us if you need financial assistance to offset membership costs.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

We are always looking for experienced mentors seeking to give back and help a young company grow. Please contact us.

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