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The companies we serve are creating the diverse economic environment our state needs.  Read some of their amazing success stories below.

“ActivateNM has been key in helping me establish a solid foundation for my company, Vital Grow Inc, by providing access to essential resources, expert guidance, and ongoing support. For me, one of the greatest benefits has been the opportunity to learn from a diverse community of business professionals, including both new startup founders and established leaders of successful companies.”

Christian Chavez, Vital Grow



“Success usually comes to those who sign up with Activate NM. Activate NM really help make our LesbianEarth podcasts a reality! I can never thank the folks at Activate NM enough!”

Alice Barczak, founder of


“After many months of grappling with the marketing strategy and difficulty prioritizing tasks with my company, I became a member of ActivateNM. The ActivateNM mentors quickly helped me to refocus my strategy and shed light on gaps in my planning, bringing newfound confidence in the direction of my business. For instance, they helped me refine the market research survey to gauge customer traction, referred me to legal counsel for help expanding my LLC from single- to multi-member structure and connected me with the amazing DeepDive Video Production team who shot a commercial that really brought our product to life. A huge thanks to the entire ActivateNM team!”

Josh Kefauver, Founder and President of GILZ LLC

“Participating in ActivateNM as a startup member in their incubation cohort helped me gain additional skills I need to evaluate new ventures, and increase their likelihood of success, or more quickly pull the plug. Now that I’m part of ActivateNM as a business member, their regular coaching sessions, pitch events, legal counseling and educational opportunities help me continue my business. Their staff, volunteers, and contracted organizations provide a variety of services that are very helpful for a growing business. It’s for sure worth the monthly subscription fee, and time commitment, for Noventum to be part of ActivateNM.”

Brian J. Stinar, Noventum Custom Software, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our members include the following companies

Vital Grow
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